Datafeeds in Action!

I mentioned datafeeds in my 5 Tools Every Affiliate Should be Using post, so let's take a look at a couple creative uses of product links from other affiliates on the network. 

Green Wedding Shoes Blog

The shop section on is a great example of how to utilize a product datafeed. The layout is clean, categorized and full of product images arranged at the same size. There are a number of sorting options and each section is paginated. Additionally, clicking on each product brings readers to a separate product specific page with a description, features, a link to purchase, and social sharing functions.


The Dress Spot

The guys at The Dress Spot are really clever, and took datafeed-powered usage to a new level. Their site deeply indexes colors, styles, prices, and other attributes of dresses from merchant datafeeds like ModCloth's. Their users can search for the perfect dress or see what's trending.

Speaking of creative uses for feeds, have you seen the new product showcase? Under Tools >> Product Showcase you'll find a new widget creator that lets you create live, customizable rotator of your merchants' datafeed products based on a simple keyword. 

We're always cooking up new affiliate tools for product datafeeds, so stay tuned! Also, check out my posts on the product API and general tips for using feeds on your sites.

Finally, affiliates what's your creative site powered by datafeeds? Let us know, we may feature it here on our blog!

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Ryan Frey

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