Advice For All Affiliate Summit First-Timers

... From a Newbie and a Vet!

Abby (Newbie) went to her first Affiliate Summit last August in New York City. She had only been working in the affiliate marketing industry for just under two months and had no idea what to expect from her first Affiliate Summit. Nick (Vet) has been in the business for a while now and is a seasoned vet at Affiliate Summit. As a good colleague and friend, he could/should have easily shared his experiences and “tidbits” of knowledge learned from the 6 previous Affiliate Summit conferences and countless other conferences…unfortunately, it escaped his thought process.  With that said, we want to share the top five most helpful guidelines for other newcomers (and also a refresher for you vets out there)!

Affiliate Summit can be overwhelming to first time attendees. Everything that makes Affiliate Summit informative, fun, and unique can also make it a lot to absorb. -Shawn Collins

5. Wear comfortable shoes or buy shoe insoles! You will be walking around and standing a lot. One of the biggest regrets we hear is people not buying comfortable shoe inserts to cushion their feet. Lucky for Nick, he was expecting his feet to hurt after the last ShareASale Under the Stars Party where he was wearing these ridiculous platforms:

Don't wear goldfish platforms!

4. Drink lots of water and remember to eat! Sounds silly, but you’ll be very busy talking with tons of people from the early mornings until late at night and it’s important to stay hydrated and keep your energy levels high. Nothing is worse than being “hangry” at a conference!

3. Attend ShareASale’s party on Sunday night! It’s a great opportunity to meet new people in a laid back and fun environment. The parties are always a blast!


Kim Rowley @kimarketing

Jan 3, 2013

Ordering my masquerade mask for the party at

And remember to bring a mask or a costume for the party! As you can see, some people get really into it...

ASE12 - NYC Disco Party

2. Check out a map and a schedule of the conference to determine who you would like to visit and what you would like to learn before the conference starts. We signed up for the which is very helpful in keeping a set schedule with everything you’d like to accomplish.

1. Bring plenty of business cards and follow-up/keep in touch with everyone you meet! While their particular service may not suite your needs today, you never know where anyone will end up in the future or who they know that can help you. You will need more cards than you think!

Abby and Nick will be at the ShareASale Under the Stars Masquerade Party on Sunday night at the Chateau and at the ShareASale booth all day Tuesday. Stop by and say hello!

Abby Schaller

By Abby Schaller

Hi there! My name's Abby and I have been with ShareASale since June 2012. I recently entered into the Blogger Liaison role, where I assist affiliates with their accounts, and educate them on our tools and features. I enjoy playing volleyball on the beach and making smores by the campfire!

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