Increase Quality Sales Through Attribution: A How To Guide

As a Merchant, you want to make sure that you are rewarding the right Affiliates for the sales they drive. It sounds easy enough, right? Here at ShareASale we have several tools to help ensure that your Affiliates are receiving credit where credit is due. It's simple, organized and will help you build strong relationships with your partners in your program!

First... Segmentation


We cannot stress enough the importance of tags! Tags are the best tool to help organize your Affiliates. Whether you would like your Affiliates to have 1 tag, or several.. they can! Think of it like categorizing your Affiliates. Wouldn't it be easier to view data of a certain targeted clump of Affiliates that you're looking to drill down and view versus having to sort through ALL of your Affiliates? Or sending out a newsletter to all of your Affiliates under a tag "Top Performers"? Or how about giving an exclusive offer or bonus to a small handfull of your affiliates? Now you can! Tag them! I promise you that you will thank yourself later!

Second... Attribution

Set up those Commission Rules!

If you're not sure where to find Customized Commission Rules, fear not! When you are logged into your Merchant account, go to My Account > Edit Settings. Click on the link that says, 'Manage Advanced Commission Structures', just under where your default commission is listed.

Once you click on the 'Manage Advanced Commission Structures' link, you will be brought to a page that looks like this screenshot below:

From this page, you can build commission rules!

Whether you'd like to offer any type of bonus incentives, performance metrics or clickstream rules.. this is where you'd want to build those. This helps ensure that the *right* Affiliates are receiving credit for the traffic that they send to your site. In turn, it also helps motivate your Affiliates to send you even more and higher quality customers. There is a Tutorial on this page that goes through several of the options available to you. However, do not hesitate to request assistance from our Client Services team - we are very happy to assist you with creating the rule that reflects the custom commission  you would like to create.

Lastly... Motivate & Communicate

I always say that the number one thing in a successful Merchant Program is Communication! It's the foundation of any relationship. If you communicate with your Affiliates the goals for your program, as well as what's in it for them to want to promote your program, that is motivation for you both to work hard to succeed! Affiliate Marketing is successful when both partners work together for a common goal. So don't be afraid to reach out to your partners and build those relationships.

Looking for a quick template to help better understand the importance of Segmentation and Attribution of your Affiliates? Please see our Best Practices PDF for your reference:

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