Exciting New Changes with the Agency Login Portal

“This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.” ~Swift

There have been some exciting new changes with the Agency Login Portal.  This portal has existed in our network for a number of years now, so it was overdue for some new and improved changes.  

These changes include updating the overall look and feel of the portal to more closely look like the overall ShareASale website.  There are also tabs now on the page that allow you to quickly navigate from one section of the portal to another.

On each report you can now easily View CSV to copy and paste the data in alternate locations for record keeping.

ShareASale Agency Login Portal

With this new format, we were also able to add in more important information about your merchant programs.  These include whether they offer two tiered programs, their feature programs, and any parameters that have been appended.

We wanted to set up the portal to more easily display pertinent information about the program for you.

Additional Merchant Info ShareASale Agency Login Portal

New Features for Affiliates

There is also a newly updated tab that allows you to create affiliate rules for your merchant program.  It also gives you an overview of the number of pending applications that you have before you set up rules or login to the merchant program to approve/decline affiliates.

Affiliate Rules Tab Agency Login Portal

A new feature added into the "Affiliates" tab is the ability to auto-approve or pre-decline affiliates for all of your agency's merchant programs from this one page.  This should help alleviate the wait for affiliates.  In a sense, this new ability allows you to create a VIP relationship for certain affiliates, resulting in a valuable relationship building tool for you.

When creating rules, you may also make exceptions so that an affiliate may not be approved to a certain program.   The rule only becomes "live" once the rule has been "Saved."  If you would like the rule to be applied to a current pending application, you must click "Save and Execute" to execute the rule immediately.

Please note that the rules here supersede the rules created in the Merchant account, so you will want to ensure that the affiliate meets the criteria enacted for the individual merchant program.

Auto Approve Feature for ShareASale OPM Login

Additional API Feature

With the new portal, we have also included the API for use by agencies for the first time.  This tool will come in handy to make remote requests to manage activities like affiliate applications or setting affiliate application rules for programs that are being managed through the portal.

The API feature must be enabled just like the merchant API that is offered to merchants.  Once it has been enabled you will notice that the API looks a lot like the other APIs that are available throughout our network, requiring an authentication token as well as a set IP address.

API Overview for ShareASale Agency Login Portal

With this API, you can make two types of requests: Report Requests and Program Maintenance Requests.  

Report requests would include things like the Merchant Summary Report for your merchants or Pending Affiliates which would give you a list of all of the pending affiliates for your programs.

The Program Maintenance Requests include setting an affiliate approval rule or approving an affiliate.  

As with the merchant API, you are limited to 200 requests per month.  We have also set up example requests that can be executed directly from the interface and viewed as a CSV file for future reference.

This should all result in even easier maintenance of your various merchant programs.

API Program Requests ShareASale Agency Login Portal

API Report Requests ShareASale Agency Login Portal

We are really excited about the changes we have made and continue to make to ensure our agency partners have all of the tools they need to successfully manage their merchant programs.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the new interface or if you ever have any feature requests or suggestion at Bethany at ShareASale.com.

Bethany Minor

By Bethany Minor

Bethany is the Agency Relationship Manager at ShareASale, specializing in working with agencies to operate multiple merchant programs and streamlining the ShareASale experience for affiliates. She has worked at ShareASale since 2010. Follow her online @Bethany_Minor.

Bethany is a native of Tennessee, relocating to the Windy City in 2006. She loves watching and playing sports, and she can be found on softball fields around Chicago during the summer and fall. She is a self proclaimed nerd, who spends an inordinate amount of time switching between tech sites like Engadget and The Verge and playing video games. She is a perennial student who loves learning about affiliate marketing and the various strategies affiliate marketers utilize.

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