Conference Follow-Up - Activate New Recruits

Welcome back from Affiliate Summit! If you were able to attend the always brilliant conference – I hope you are now well-rested and ready to start your follow-ups!

For those of you who had time to setup a Co-Branded Page with a built in Auto-Tag, do you have a few new affiliates tagged with SIGNUP FROM – ASW13?

Great! Now let’s discuss an efficient way to activate and motivate these new affiliates with incentives via Commission Rules by Tag.

Utilizing the Advanced Commission Structures within your ShareASale Account, you can setup different commission rules by tag to incentivize your affiliates. For example, you could structure a commission rule as follows:

ASW13 Activation Rule – Add a Flat $100 if Affiliate Tagged with ‘SIGNUP FROM – ASW13’ AND Sales in Current Month is Great than or Equal to 10.

That would essentially give any affiliate you met at Affiliate Summit West a $100 bonus if they sent over 10 or more sales in the current month. That could get someone motivated! Here are a few additional ideas to get your wheels turning:

  • Double Commission for the first 30 days
  • Additional 2% through the end of the year
  • $5 bonus on each sale for the first 90 days
  • $50 First sale bonus

Happy Motivating!

Lindsey Savoie

By Lindsey Savoie

Lindsey is the Marketing Manager for ShareASale - ensuring the company looks its best and brightest all year round. She can be found online at @lindsey_savoie.

Outside of Affiliate Marketing, Lindsey is a lover of animated cat .gifs, harry potter and all types of whiskey.

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