Conference Pre-Planning – Organize New Affiliate Signups

Merchants – What’s your strategy for conference organization and follow-up? If you’re not sure yet, try starting with the idea of auto-tagging…

Now that we are all familiar with tagging, let’s talk auto-tagging. At a conference, you might encourage potential Affiliates to sign up for your Affiliate Program on ShareASale through your Co-Branded Page, as shown below:

That is great, but by utilizing the auto-tag feature you can go one step further to keep your affiliate recruitment efforts more organized, and even measure the long term benefits of attending each conference. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Add a New Tag with this format: SIGNUP FROM – INSERTCONFERENCE
  2. Add an &Source Parameter at the End of the Co-Branded Page to Reflect the Tag.
  3. Promote this Link to Conference Affiliates. (Maybe even make it into a TinyURL!)

The End URL:

Now, each time an Affiliate Signs up with that specific URL, the Affiliate with be automatically tagged with SIGNUP FROM – ASW13.

Want to learn more about these features? Stop by the ShareASale Booth (#221) at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas on January 14 & 15!

See y’all there!

Lindsey Savoie

By Lindsey Savoie

Lindsey is the Marketing Manager for ShareASale - ensuring the company looks its best and brightest all year round. She can be found online at @lindsey_savoie.

Outside of Affiliate Marketing, Lindsey is a lover of animated cat .gifs, harry potter and all types of whiskey.

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