#GiftGuides for Affiliate Marketers - The Kids In Your Life

FreckleBox - earn 10% commission

FreckleBox is one of my personal favorites and has dozens of customizable products such as lunch boxes, coloring books, journals, puzzles - just about anything you can think of for kids.  The products are affordable, and kids love seeing their names!!   You can earn 10% commission promoting their products to your readers.

Minted - earn 10% commission

Minted has an amazing selection of custom art - you can add a child's name, or some of the products even include collages of photos that you can upload.  Their quality and customer service is second-to-none so this can be a really special gift for the nephew, niece, grandchild or kid in your life!   Earn 10% commission on their products.

Kids Play Home - earn 9% commission

Kids Play Home sells fun stuff for kid's rooms - the piece below is a really fun wall art piece and we all know that kids love to put stuff on the walls!   Earn 9% commission in their affiliate program.  

Tea Collection - earn 8% commission

Kids may not know it at the time, but they look great in Tea Collection!  Always updating their styles, Tea Collection is a top pick for clothing gifts for kids this year.  Earn 8% commission promoting their products.

Happy Kids Productions - earn 25% commission

Again - kids love personalized stuff and this one is super fun with a musical recording utilizing your child's name.   Join the Happy Kids Productions  Affiliate Program and earn a big 25% commission per sale as well.

Fun Rooms for Kids - earn 10% commission

This wall-art even comes in a box designed as a "Room Makeover" - a fun project for a kid in the winter for sure!  Join the Fun Rooms for Kids Affiliate Program and earn 10% commission.

Green Kid Crafts - earn $20 commission

Subscription gifts are great for Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents as a way to stay in touch with a child from afar.  Green Kid Crafts is a great one with DIY Green crafts and great value.  Earn $20 commission per sale in this Affiliate Program.

Kidorable - earn 10% commission

Kidorable has a great selection of kids towels which are adorable!!  (hence, the Kidorable name!).  Take a look through the selection and if you like the way I've displayed this you can see how you can make a fun and interactive creative using Merchant's Product Feeds.

Little Passports - earn $15 commission per sale

Little Passports is a great subscription product that teaches the kid in your life about the joys of the world, and world travel.  Each month, a new destination is revealed and you get to "stamp your passport" with crafts and games from the varied locations.   Earn $15 per sale promoting this product in their Affiliate Program. 


Marbles: The Brain Store - earn 7% commission

For the kid who is just a little bit older - these are amazing, fun, and educational gifts that can be fun for adults as well!  Marbles: The Brain Store is offering a 7% commission in their Affiliate Program.  

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