#GiftGuides: The Kid At Heart

Gift Guides for the Kid at Heart

Gift Guides for the Kid at Heart

Gifts for the kids at heart might be the easiest to buy for.  Why?  They are typically easily entertained and therefore the options are really endless.  Take a look at some of these nostalgic gifts for those kids at heart!


You are never too old to become younger.

1. Magic Trick Set

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Magic Set

This magic set features amazing, professional caliber tricks that are designed so young magicians can master them!

2. LEGOs!

Lego Star Wars Brickmaster

With this kit, kids can create incredible spacecraft from the world of Star Wars, or build their own unique warp-speed ships.

3. Remote Controlled Helicopter

Syma S107 S107G 3CH Mini Helicopter

The new Syma S107G is miniature in size and its light weight makes it incredibly portable. The Syma S107G is a great model for all beginners, from kids to adults.

4. A Vintage Model Car

1930 Bugatti Royale Coupe de Ville Car Model

This die-cast model is a milestone in model manufacturing. With more than 1,300 individual parts and 18 different materials used in the making of this model this is truly a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

5. Nerf Gun (or Marshmallow Gun)

N-Strike Jolt Nerf Dart Gun

Pull down on the jolt blaster to load your dart, take aim, pull the trigger and shoot! The N-Strike Jolt Nerf Dart Gun packs a powerful punch and is a fun pastime.

6. The Lion King on Broadway

The Lion King On Broadway - New York City

Book your tickets for the Tony-winning extravaganza "The Lion King" on Broadway. A favorite with children and adults alike, "The Lion King" is a visual and audio feast.

7. Candy, Candy & More Candy

Sweet Nostalgia

Old time nostalgic candy at its best.  Remember the good old days of penny candy and the thrill of visiting the local mom & pop candy store to purchase Whirly Pops?

8. Whoopie Cushion, Classic.

Poo-Poo Farting Whoopee Cushion

Probably the best deal for a Poo-Poo Farting Whoopee Cushion. Hide cushion under a chair or sofa cushion, so it cann't be seen. Makes a loud embarrassing "POO-O-O-O-O."

9. Disney Karaoke. Always Popular.

Disney Karaoke Series: Disney Princess

Each album contains a complete performance with a professional vocalist as well as the karaoke tracks of each song, for the at-home performer.

10. Adult Pajama Onesie

Superman Fleece Onesie Footie Pajama with Cape

Who says capes are for kids? Show off the Superman, SuperGirl (or Super Woman) in you with these super fun pajamas! These pajamas for adults feature a satin Super shield and detachable button-on red cape.

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