Handmade Fathers' Day Gifts

For some reason, I have a difficult time finding a gift for the men in my life.  The biggest thing I struggle with, and probably something many women struggle with, is finding a gift that THE GUY wants and not something that I want for them

Whenever I have trouble with picking out a gift, I start with the guy's personality.  Does he like adventures?  Is he a family man?  Does he like to cook?  Is he a bookworm?

For a last minute or for inspiration, use our #GiftGuides to find the perfect gift!

For The Guys Guy, for The World Traveler, for The Superfan, for The Family Man and the list goes on and on...


Still don’t know what to buy?  Don’t buy anything at all!  Make something.  I’m obviously a huge advocate of the value in a homemade gift. 

*Some of the ideas are the same as my post about Homemade Mothers' Day Gifts.


Write Your Childhood Story

Blurb enables anyone to design, publish, share, and sell their own bookstore-quality books. Write about your childhood, your father's childhood or your family history. Use Blurb's creative customization option to create professional books that your dad can enjoy forever.


Painted Wooden Spoons

If you dad likes to spend time in the kitchen, customize his utensils. Give his kitchen items, such as wooden spoons, bowls, cups or plates, some color.

The Jar Store

Jar of Notes

Cut up strips of paper and work independently or collaboratively to fill a jar with reasons why you are thankful for your father, words that remind you of him or memories you have of him. Combine it with a jar full of his favorite candy.

Get Smart Products

"DAD" Frame

Dads love pictures of their kids, right? Children are the reason a man becomes a father. If you have three kids, this is a perfect craft. Take a picture of each of them holding a letter, spelling "DAD." If you have more than three kids, you can choose a different word of just include all of them in each picture. Get Smart Products provides a variety of picture frames to fit your need.

A Gift Personalized

Personalized Flask

Every guy wants a flask to show off to their buddies...so why not personalize it! If you are feeling adventurous, you could even do the etching yourself! Or you could make a leather case for the flask.

Beer Machine

Homemade Beer

A homemade brewing kit? This could be a great gift for the beer fanatic. It is something that you could make in advance or something you could do together with your father. It is a personal brew that could end up tasting amazing or horrible, either way, giving you a great story!


Monogramed Cufflinks

On occasion, your father might need to break out some cufflinks. There are lots of tutorials out there about how to make your own cufflinks. However, if you are looking for an easy, yet custom set, these are a perfect alternative!


Embroidered Ties

Have you ever met a man who doesn't own at least one tie? I haven't! Embroidering is not only easy, but it really adds to the sentimental value of the tie. Now, every time your dad puts that tie on, he will be thinking of you!

Abe's Market


They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Abe's market has lot of easy, delicious options to make something tasty for Fathers' Day.

Sun Frog Shirts

Humorous T-shirt

Does your dad appreciate humor? Find a funny t-shirt to give to him and he will laugh every time he puts it on.


Custom Mug

Similar to the t-shirt, CafePress allows you to customize almost anything! Give your father or grandfather a new mug for their morning dose of caffeine.

Additional Notes

Just like I said in the Mothers' Day post...your gift doesn't have to to be tangible.  Sometimes, fathers and grandfathers just want to spend some quality time with their families. 

And to all the fathers out there, Happy Fathers' Day!

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