How to Mask-er-ade

As you might have already heard through the grapevine, ShareASale’s Sunday night party at #ASW13 is a Masquerade Ball. Masquerade parties have a rich history and the idea of masked parties goes all the way back to medieval times. These extravagant gatherings were very enchanting and mainly designed to celebrate an important event in the life of a royal dynasty.

Guests at the ball would wear a costume and mask in order to float around the party with anonymity. This gave the attendees a chance to break free from the strict rules of etiquette that at the time governed the upper class people at gatherings and parties.

Stunning renaissance architecture and art ruled the day, and this theme set the backdrop for the creativity and beauty that was part of everyday life. The costumes that were born of this creativity were usually very elaborate and lent an air of mystery to the occasion.

If you’re looking for some costume ideas for the ShareASale party and feel a bit overwhelmed, have no fear because we're here to narrow it down for you and spark some creativity. Let's get right to it. Nowadays, masquerade costumes fall under these three main classifications:

1. Phantom - One of the most recognizable of the masquerade costumes and masks, the phantom comes from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera.” The phantom in the play wears a white mask covering most of his face and is also dressed in a suit with a cape. Any version of this would be a great go-to costume for anyone that is trying to stay away from the more ornate or foofoo masquerade costumes.


Make sure you point like this...

2. Mardi Gras - These parties and costumes date back to the European celebration of the Carnival and have been carried on by the French in New Orleans since early 18th Century. Mardi Gras parties and the masks associated with them are always geared more towards fun, while playing on a Harlequin theme with feathers, jesters and Mardi Gras colors of green, purple, gold and black.  

Fellow party-goers might need sunglasses

3. Venetian - Masks from the Venetian Carnival (dating all the way back to 1268) were originally very simple with little or no décor. Nowadays, these masks are defined by their typical gold or white colors and accompanying feathers and gemstones. Fancy!


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Pair any of these masks with a simple cocktail dress (women), or a modern suit and/or cape (men). You’ll be all set for the ShareASale party and ready to impress (even though nobody will know who you are!) See you there!

David Zelken

By David Zelken

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