[Infographic] How are Merchants organizing and segmenting their Affiliates?

Using affiliate tags is one of the best ways to interject personality into a program. With tags, affiliate managers are able to label their affiliates based on any number of characteristics. Tags not only help keep affiliates organized, but once in use, program managers are able to fine tune activation efforts by sending targeted newsletters, pulling reports, making creatives private for select affiliates, or even build custom commission – all by tag!

The tagging feature was introduced a few years ago - so how are Merchants utilizing them?

Similar to tagging content or friends on a social marketing platform, ShareASale’s new Tag System allows merchants to categorize affiliates with unlimited amounts of tags and unlimited rules-based options, allows merchants to alter how commissions are paid based on those tags and other information.

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Sarah Beeskow Blay

By Sarah Beeskow Blay

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