June is Candy Month!

I love candy.

Like not just a little bit.  A lot. A lot a lot.

I have candy everywhere, easily accessible in cases of "emergency."

Just off the top of my head...I have...Chewy Sprees in my car, Tootsie Rolls in my console, dark chocolate bar on my dresser, lemon drops on my nightstand table, Snickers on my desk, Jelly Beans in my filing cabinet, Ghirardelli chocolate hidden somewhere on my desk at work, and of course, mints and gum in my purse.  My large stash is at home and currently holds Haribo gummy bears, two more bags of jelly beans, Reese's pieces and Trolli gummy worms.

So, you can only guess how ecstatic I am to announce that June is Candy Month!

My month of June will most certainly be spent on a constant sugar high and I can’t wait!


Here are just a couple of our candy merchants for your preparation purposes.

Temptation Candy

Candy Crate

Old Time Candy Company


A Candy Store

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