Make-A-Page Updated, and a New Feature for Bloggers

We've relaunched the popular Make-A-Page feature with some updated formatting and new blog tools available... take a look at the tour below:

How Do I Use Make-A-Page and What does it "Make"?

There are 2 examples of the Make-A-Page output, the first is called the Page View, and the second is the Gallery View.   The Page View is a table essentially, of relevant curated products.   The Gallery View is designed to fit on your blog and allow visitors to scroll through products in a visual way.

Gallery View

Page View

How Do I Build Them?

Start with a Keyword, enter in something about the type of product you are looking to feature. In this example I've chosen the keyword "World Cup" since the entire world is watching soccer (football) right now!

Make-A-Page will give you a result set - hit the Green "Add" button for any products you want to add, and remember that if you aren't a member of a specific program you'll need to join first!

In this demonstration, I've chosen to highlight products from as you can see in the image. You are welcome to choose one individual Merchant, or highlight products across multiple Merchants.

Choose your preferred layout between Page View and Gallery View.

Choose from a variety of different display options to customize border colours, the information displayed in each box, and many other styling options.

Add in pre-coded "Afftrack" values so that you can track reporting on this specific blog post or page that you are setting up.

Want to remove any individual product? Just click on the red "X" and you can easily get the exact mix of products that you are looking for.

In the Gallery View you'll see share icons, links to purchase, and scroll buttons to allow your visitors to quickly see a visual representation of the products you are showcasing.

The Final Result, Including Blue Styling and Sorting by Price Ascending

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