New & Notable Merchants: June 17, 2014

Here are few of the exciting new merchant programs grilled up and served to you in time for summer by the ShareASale launch team.

Over the course of our 36+ year history, 3 Day Blinds has become the leading national retailer and manufacturer of quality custom made blinds, shades, shutters & drapes. We help transform our client's homes and work places by offering a wide variety of handcrafted products that add beauty and comfort to every space.

Having personally installed blinds on my own before as a DIY homeowner project, 3 Day Blinds full service value proposition of managing the whole process from design to install has some appeal.  3 Day Blinds brand strength and distribution presence in most US cities makes this program ideal for affiliates looking for a full service blinds distributor with near-to-national market presence.

FreshBooks is and award-winning, easy to use accounting service and empower your visitors to track their time, invoice their clients and get paid online anytime, anywhere.  Over 5 million people use FreshBooks to make billing painless.

Freshbooks is a strong, invested brand with a huge network of subscribers and a strong word of mouth marketing presence.  For affiliates who promote business services and engage in B2B marketing, this will be one of the strongest brands in the space and a great opportunity for partnership.

Front Desk is a powerful mobile business management solution that’s simple to set up and simple to use. Front Desk makes it easy for business owners, their staff, and their clients to manage scheduling, attendance, billings, and payments—all in one integrated system—anywhere, anytime.

Front Desk's CRM platform is perfectly designed for small businesses.  We love products that help the little guys save time, grow their enterprise, and expand their service offerings to their clients.

Bella Bag is the most regarded site on the web to shop vintage and contemporary classic preloved luxury bags. With an astounding and always hand picked selection from your favorite heritage brands including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Prada, Goyard, Dior, Givenchy & Celine, we offer unmatched service, selection and expertise in knowledge and authentication. Bella Bag has a flagship boutique in Atlanta, GA, has been featured on and and has been hailed in major press outlets including Reuters, the Associated Press, MSN, RedBook and FoxNews.

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We enjoy looking fashionable while saving money.  Belle Bag's pre-owned program allows customers to purchase certified pre-owned bags from many different designers at below retail value prices.  We see this merchant having appeal with affiliates who are looking to promote discounts and deals as well as fashion bloggers.

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