[ShareASale] Merchant Newsletter August 5, 2014

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An industry survey available, and we'll see you at Affiliate Summit!

Industry Survey Available - Results Free with Participation

If you're curious about some of the common benchmarks and statistics in the industy, Affiliate Benchmarks is conducting their 7th annual survey and if you participate you'll be able to get a free copy of the results.

See you at Affiliate Summit next week!

ShareASale is the Titanium Sponsor of Affiliate Summit East 2014, the industry's largest conference. If you are headed to the conference next week please make sure to connect with us - we have a list of places where we will be including our big party on Sunday of the event.

ShareASale Fall Catalog and Magazine is Released

Make sure to sign up to get your free copy in the mail, or click through to view online.

Over 60+ Merchants featured in areas such as:

Fall Fashion

Back to School

The NFL Season


and Business to Business

Advanced Coupon Code Tracking

Looking to create exclusive coupons for Affiliate, enforce exclusivity, or maybe control the use of customer-only coupons and deals that you email your regular customers? There are a number of advanced scenarios that are covered by ShareASale's technology, take a look at the PDF below to get some ideas and if you need any help implementing them just let our team know!

Questions, Comments, Concerns?
Sarah Beeskow, Director of Client Services
312-321-0487 x303
Sarah [at] ShareASale.com

Complimentary Training Webinars

Each month, ShareASale offers free training webinars. We offer a Merchant Interface Walkthrough session and also Advanced Topics each month. You can view our full schedule of training webinars and register here.


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