ShareASale Weekly Newsletter: April 15, 2014

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This Week's Affiliate Marketing Posts from ShareASale

Thanks for reading the ShareASale Blog, and subscribing to our newsletter! We've gathered together the top posts from the blog last week, as well as some articles you might enjoy reading.

What Do I Need to Start an Affiliate Program? Part 5 of 5: A Budget

Budgeting is tough! No doubt, your boss (or you) is (are) going to ask the question some day…. "How much do I budget for an Affiliate Program?".

ShareASale's Response to the Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability

ShareASale does not use the vulnerable versions of OpenSSL in any of our websites, nor in our FTP servers, so the Heartbleed bug does not present a risk to any ShareASale usernames, passwords or other data.

New and Notable Merchants: April 11, 2014

Here are few of the exciting new Merchants generating buzz around the water cooler at ShareASale. These programs launched recently and are poised to grow through out the year.

Writing a Post About Upcoming Graduations? Top Graduation Gifts from ShareASale Merchants.

These are all great ideas to include in blog posts and on websites for this big shopping season. You can join each of these programs by clicking on the links below!

Good Reads & Great Links

Miss our shares? Here are a few of the most popular shared links from the ShareASale Social Media Outlets.

Introducing The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

If you click the image a large screenshot should appear. I hope it is all reasonably self-explanatory. There are eight areas that I have focused on, as follows:

What Is Customer Experience?

To get customer experience right, companies first need to get the definition right, according to an enlightening talk I had with Esteban Kolsky, the principal and founder of ThinkJar.

Career-Changing Advice Your Boss Wishes You Knew

Sure, you know your boss better than I do. But I do know how bosses think. As the owner of a marketing agency, I have a pretty good pulse on what your boss' day looks like, their goals, and their challenges.

Complimentary Training Webinars

Each month, ShareASale offers free training webinars. We offer a Merchant and Affiliate Interface Walkthrough session and also Advanced Topics each month. You can view our full schedule of training webinars and register here.

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